April 24, 2017
Sweet joy in the New York Café – when you can’t resist a dessert
It happens that you make room for dessert. Sometimes, when you eat in a restaurant where you know for sure that everything you receive is of the highest quality, you feel you must eat less from the main courses so that you can enjoy the magnificent desserts as well. If you choose to do so in the New York Café, you will definitely make a good decision.
December 17, 2016
The Salon Restaurant was elected as Budapest’s best restaurant!
In 2016, Magyar Konyha Gastromagazine has been looking for the best restaurants in Budapest. They publicates the list in december, which one contains the top 10 restaurants in Budapest. It is a great honor that our restaurant won the first place – and we would like to congratulate the rest of the distinguished restaurants of the list.
October 15, 2016
The most beautiful café in the world offers its guests a true hungaricum live gypsy music with your coffee every day
There’s a new live music event to enrich the lives of New York Café’s guests. Live gypsy music accompanies the delights of a good coffee, delicious food and the atmosphere of the Most Beautiful Café in the World from the beginning of September.
April 27, 2016
An elegant wedding venue: in the most beautiful café in the world
As Giorgio Armani put it: “Elegance does not consist in being noticed, but in being remembered.” This is the ethos the Most Beautiful Café in the World embodies when it comes to weddings too. It grants a lasting and memorable experience to each couple who tie the knot here.
October 20, 2015
Budapest sights: what you must see when visiting Hungary!
The magnificent Hungarian capital, Budapest is a veritable treasure trove of sights for everyone who sets foot here. As you roam the streets and stumble on sight after sight, you soon realise that you’ll never have enough time to truly appreciate everything worth seeing here. Fortunately, help is at hand: here is a wholly unbiased, definitive Budpest must-see list to guide you along.
October 8, 2015
Poems about New York Coffe House, penned by Kosztolányi Dezső
The histories of Hungarian literature and the Coffee house have intertwined from their earliest beginnings. The matchless beauty of New York Coffee House has inspired several great Hungarian poets; Kosztolányi Dezső was one of them. It was he who penned the lines below, where the Coffee House itself receives the odd mention too.
September 28, 2015
Hungary’s prize-winning image film begins in the most beautiful coffee house in the world
„Think Hungary – more than expected”, is the title of MT Zrt’s short film showcasing Hungary. The movie was made back in 2013 to broaden the world’s perception of Hungary beyond the „paprika, goulash, horses and inns” stereotype. In other words, to show the world Hungary’s hidden depths below the surface.
September 22, 2015
Molnár Ferenc and that key, a.K. A. the legend of new york coffee house
The key of The Most Beautiful Coffee House in the World is the stuff of many legends; however, all of them are centred around happenings that involve Molnár Ferenc. The legends have been refuted by many; still others have put an entirely different spin on them. But what is the truth? Can we separate the facts of the story from mere hearsay? What really happened to that key all those years ago?